Friday, August 19, 2011

He Feels Sorry For The Children

As if Chicago schools were any better under his so-called leadership:
Education Secretary Arne Duncan appears to be the first member of President Obama's cabinet to take a swipe at Rick Perry, the Texas governor and newly announced Republican presidential candidate. Duncan told Bloomberg Television that Texas schools have struggled under Perry, saying he feels "very badly" for children who attend them.

"Far too few of their high school graduates are actually prepared to go on to college," Duncan said. "I feel very, very badly for the children there."
If those are his standards, does he feel sorry for the children of California, too?


Rhymes With Right said...

Oddly enough, Duncan did not feel sorry for these children during his days as Superintendent of Schools in Chicago -- you know, since only 24 of the 568 teachers verified to have illegally used corporal punishment on students were terminated during his tenure. One teacher who battered a student repeatedly over several years received only a warning.

Yeah, that's your compassionate Obamunist Secretary of Education -- he has great compassion for students in the state of his bosses leading GOP opponent, but not for the students in his own district who were "beaten with broomsticks, whipped with belts, yard sticks, struck with staplers, choked, stomped on and pushed down stairs" by teachers who worked for him in his own district.

Rhymes With Right said...

By the way, I've been so enraged by this over the last couple of hours that I've written my own post on Arne Duncan's comments from my perspective as a Texas teacher -- and linked back to your post.

maxutils said...

Perhaps if Anne Duncan had had better high school English classes, she would know wen to use the adjective 'bad' instead of the adverb 'badly'. Unless, of course she has little control of her hands.