Monday, August 29, 2011

Beautiful Summary of Conservationism

I'm lifting this comment in its entirety from another post. Well done, sir, well done:
I have never once heard anyone argue in favor of wasting more, rather than wasting less. Nor have I heard anyone ever argue that recycling is an immoral act of Godlessness.

However. That's not the issue. It just isn't. I can be very much against the EPA (as it currently exists today) without being against 'clean water and clean air'. I can oppose the environmental fundamentalism that screams that NOT recycling is akin to raping the rainforests, without being against the concept of recycling.

Conservatives, Christians, and most regular, average folks I meet are quite happy to be good stewards of the planet. 'Good steward' does not mean freaking out when children bring ziploc baggies into school.
The original story is about whether or not children should be pressured to bring reusable (plastic) containers in their lunch, or Ziploc baggies.

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