Saturday, July 02, 2011

When Teachers Act Like Pack Animals

Mrs. So-and-so, your 3rd grade teacher, was probably an angelic soul, and to this day you probably still look up to her with a mixture of awe and reverence. This, however, is how she acts when fired up at a teachers union gathering:
Unless you have been to a RA before, you will be amazed by the elaborate production value and some what shocked by your children's' teachers. By the amount of anger and hatred for anything conservative demonstrated at the RA, I don't know how they refrain from passing their obese bias to their students.

In fact, two years ago in San Diego I wrote a resolution that clearly stated: "Teachers should remain politically objective within their classrooms and refrain from promoting one party over another." This resolution was shot down. While at the microphone giving my justification, a CTA volunteer came with a large 4 foot sign with an arrow pointing down telling my own delegation to vote no. He stood in front of me, blocking the camera that was feeding my image to the jumbo screens.

This is how you act when you're a union member.

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