Monday, June 13, 2011

Not The Strongest Argument For The Benefits of Higher Education

This information has been flowing through the interwebs today:
With 90 percent of lawmakers holding at least a bachelor's degree, California has the most highly educated Legislature in the country, according to a study being published today by the Chronicle of Higher Education.

The study compared education levels of all 50 state legislatures and found that Arkansas has the least-educated statehouse – 25 percent of its members did not attend college at all.

Other findings on the education of California's lawmakers:

• 84 percent went to a public college.

• 59 percent got their degrees in California.

• 20 percent have a law degree.

• 13 percent went to a community college.

The relatively high level of education among California legislators is likely explained by the fact that the state has large districts, a full-time Legislature and high salaries for lawmakers, said Scott Smallwood, managing editor of the Chronicle of Higher Education.

"It's a more professional job and they're more likely to be highly educated," he said.

Doesn't say much for having a full-time legislature either, does it?

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