Thursday, June 02, 2011

Lying And Deceiving

I wrote in this post how much I despise being lied to. If you have to deceive in order to get people to go along with what you want or what you believe, is your position really a good one to hold?

That's obviously one of the reasons I'm against "card check", a process I find particularly un-American:
Now we know why unionists were fighting so hard for a federal “card check” law. Organizers can unionize private and public employees, forcing them to pay hundreds in union dues, before they even know anything about it.

That's the situation at the Cape Cod Lighthouse Charter School in Orleans, Massachusetts.

Last week news broke that the reputable charter school was the second in Massachusetts to be organized by the American Federation of Teachers.

Various sources indicated that the unionization effort was somewhat less than forthright. Several teachers complained that they were never informed about the process and were never asked to vote on the issue.
In any segment of our society except unions, this practice would be prosecuted as fraud. Instead we have a president and an entire political party that supports it.

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