Thursday, May 19, 2011

Damned Injury

Tomorrow was supposed to be the first and only day of school I'd miss all year. I made it through cold and flu season without a sniffle and didn't even take a mental health day off all year, but Friday, May 20th, that was supposed to be a biggie. I've had it on my calendar for months. I was going to attend an ROTC graduation at the University of San Francisco, the first time a former student had invited me to attend a graduation. And the fact that it's ROTC made it even more significant to me.

I can't drive, and even if I could get to USF, I can't hobble more than a couple dozen yards without exhausting myself. There's no way I could get around campus to a graduation in my condition. And it really bothers me.

I just Skyped with this officer-to-be, and while he definitely understands my plight, I'm still bothered. I wanted more than this, more than being a invalid in my own house on such an important day.

To Lieutenant Rochelle (doesn't that just sound awesome?!): I'm very proud of you. Well done!

To whatever force I can blame this injury on: screw you.

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