Tuesday, May 24, 2011

At Least She Wasn't Having Sex With Them

It's sad when that is your standard for bad vs. not-as-bad behavior:
A teacher at Livingston High School was arrested Monday morning after police say they're investigating reports that she helped students ingest chloroform.

Japhia Smith Huhndorf, 34, of Atwater, had assisted three male students, 16, 17 and 18 years old, as they ingested the chemical, which can be used as an anesthetic, said Sgt. Ray Fong of the Livingston Police Department.
Update 5/26/11: This story just gets better:
A chemistry teacher accused of helping students ingest chloroform was arrested again Wednesday after investigators learned she might be storing an explosive-making material in her classroom.


Anonymous said...

Before you go too nuts here, remember that people are innocent until proven guilty in the U.S. I have know Japhia for a long time. She is an intelligent, kind, and capable woman. There is no way that she 'helped' students ingest chloroform (and in fact one of the three students in question confirmed that she knew nothing about it). I imagine what happened here is that some kids got caught doing something they shouldn't have and panicked. All a student has to do is accuse a teacher of anything, and their career is completely ruined. The small amount of nitroglycerine is no more dangerous than other explosives routinely used in chemistry demonstrations, and it was being kept for a student project.

Japhia is doing all she can, despite media sensationalism, to retain hope that the justice system really works in this country.

Darren said...

It's always nice to have a differing opinion, especially someone with some first-hand knowledge. I'd rather believe your side of the story, let's see what the courts decide.