Monday, March 14, 2011

Wisconsin Is Showing The American Left For What It Really Is

Thuggish, and hypocritical.

Even if you're a leftie, do you really condone this kind of intimidating behavior?
Far Left Protesters Now Videotaping License Plates at Scott Walker Fundraisers
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After Congresswoman Giffords was shot (by a lunatic, who just happened to be a leftie), all the talk was about "civility" and not using martial terminology and images. Perhaps Time Magazine has forgotten that:
Wisconsin's Governor Wins But Is He Still Dead Man Walker?
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Need another one?
The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is releasing an online ad targeting the first-term Wisconsin congressman....

I thought "target" was one of those words that's out of bounds. Maybe it's just out of bounds if conservatives want to "target" liberals.

Lefties, you lost an election. You crowed about Obamacare, and were no doubt pleased when Nancy and the gang bribed and twisted arms to get barely enough votes to pass it--without a single House Republican and only a couple Senate Republicans. There was a vote, and the Republicans didn't leave town in a snit. You lefties got carried away, and the electorate handed you your fannies on a silver platter in November 2010.

But you can't deal with the legitimate results of an election. No, you harass and disrupt and threaten and call for revolt and threaten and vandalize and threaten and intimidate and threaten some more and then call for a revolution. You don't go to the ballot box, like conservatives did--no, you go straight for the truncheon.

You must be very proud of yourselves.

I'm going to borrow and paraphrase some terminology from a former US Secretary of Education: it's time to put on your big girl panties and start acting like adults.

Update: Can you tell I was a little hot under the collar when I wrote that? :-)

Update #2, 3/16/11: Do you need more? How about threats of arson and a union thug destroying recall petitions while the (unionized) police do nothing? How about shooting out windows of the DC GOP headquarters? Does anyone really want to try the worn "both sides do it" argument now? Because I'm not hearing about any conservatives, especially Tea Party members, doing anything like I've posted here, and you can bet that it would be wall-to-wall news if one were.

Update #3, 3/17/11: Well, someone at the Huffington Post has noticed the death threats, and is honest enough to call out fellow liberals on ignoring them as news. I applaud this person's integrity.

Update #4, 3/17/11: But wait, there's more.

Update #5, 3/17/11: I'm not done yet. Seriously, breaking someone's car window and scattering nails in their driveway? Who on the left will defend and justify this behavior? No one? Who on the left, then, will denounce it? *crickets*


allen (in Michigan) said...

It's a representative form of government. That means the juvenile get representation as well as those who have a sense of responsibility.

mazenko said...

Identifying it as a left-right issue is weak. Just as many nutcases and thugs on the right. Overall, the press coverage is about the extremes, and the left has plenty of - even mostly - rational pragmatic individuals who believe in their cause but don't resort to nuttiness and thuggish-ness. Just as the right does.

Darren said...

This went on for *how* long? This isn't isolated--they had rallies all over the country (I attended one). I don't see anyone on the left disavowing this behavior, and I don't see people on the right resorting to this behavior.

This *is*, than, a left-right issue.

W.R. Chandler said...

Mazenko, if there are truly just as many nutcases and thugs on the right, then they are doing a much better job of stifling themselves. The left on the other hand? The behavior they have exhibited that you have seen on the news - and the news media reports without judgement - would have that same news media dizzy with the vapors were those protesters from the political right.

Have you not paid attention to the flurry of death threats, threats of violence, destruction of property, and general nastiness at these public union rallies? Please direct me to something comparable from the right.

Anonymous said...

If I lived in Wisconsin, and if I had any school-age kids, I would HAVE to home-school them. There's no freaking way I would let them attend a school that was run by thugs!

If MOST of the parents with schoolkids pulled their kids out of school in WI to home-school the kids, that would take a lot of the bark out of those thugs!