Friday, March 04, 2011

I'm Glad To Have Been Wrong

I'll give credit where it's due--Harvard President Drew Faust is being true to her word:

Harvard University is welcoming the Reserve Officer Training Corps program back to campus after a four-decade banishment caused by dissent over the Vietnam War and disagreement on military policy toward gays.

The move by Harvard comes just months after Congress in December repealed the military ban on gays serving openly.

On Friday, Harvard President Drew Gilpin Faust and Navy Secretary Ray Mabus are scheduled to sign an agreement that will establish the Naval ROTC’s formal presence on the Cambridge campus, the university announced Thursday.

Under the agreement, a director of Naval ROTC at Harvard will be appointed, and the university will resume funding the program, which will be given office space and access to athletic fields and classrooms.

Will the others fall in line?

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