Friday, February 25, 2011

Why Math Might Not Be Important

Even if you don't know math, you can still be the president of a national teachers' union:

Randi Weingarten heads the 1.4 million member American Federation of Teachers, wielding considerable power and influence from her office in Washington DC. This morning we learned that she probably failed Math. From MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

(see video clip at link)

26,000 divided by 12 months equals 2166.66 per month.

Randi came up with a very different number.

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Steve USMA '85 said...

Sounds like she just made a mistake in her planned speaking points. $500 is the correct figure if she said $26,000 a year which is equivalent to $500 a week.

$26,000/52 = $500

Pretty obvious to me that she just messed up saying month when she meant to say week. Surprised though she didn't catch herself. Still, she really danced around answering any of the gentleman's serious questions.