Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tea Party

GAY BLACK TEA PARTYER Attacked By Racist SEIU Activists at Denver Tea Party (Videos)

What they say about the Tea Party--is really true about themselves.

I haven't seen the stories of Tea Partiers' beating people up--and if it happened, you know it would have been the top story on every newscast for a week.

Lefties should just admit that they are, at heart, violent thugs who want to enforce their views on everyone, democracy be damned.

Update: Here's a Tea Partier hitting someone. Oops, my bad! He's a union thug--hitting a woman.

Update #2, 2/24/11: Here's a nice roundup of videos. I agree with the closing sentiment, that lefties must be very proud of themselves.


MikeAT said...


Obviously this man was  provoked by the woman.  She dared video tape a union thug at a public event.  What is a matter with her. People have been found in an emergency room for less. 

allen (in Michigan) said...

The essence of labor unions is coercion and resort to violence is never very far away.