Thursday, January 20, 2011

Man Shoots Himself In The Middle of Harvard Campus

OK, this happened last September, did anyone here remember reading about this then? Because I sure don't.

A New York native shot himself to death in Harvard Yard last week -- after penning an epic 1,905-page suicide note.

Mitchell Heisman, 35, quoted Thomas Jefferson, Friedrich Nietzsche and Albert Einstein as he attempted to explain his motives in the rambling missive, which included a lengthy preface and 1,433 footnotes.

That's pretty intense.


Peter Reilly said...

I read about it and the suicide note was on the internet. Probably still is. He wasn't actually a Harvard man as I recall the story. I think the speculation was that he picked the spot to get more media attention

Rhymes With Right said...

Come on Darren, quit making this stuff up.

After all, there are no guns on campus at Harvard.

The school banned them and declared the campus a gun-free zone.

It is therefore inconceivable that this could have happened there.

After all -- those intent upon abusing a gun would automatically be deterred by that designation.

skeneogden said...

I'm sure it is Sarah Palin's fault though.

Peter Reilly said...

Here os a link to the story

Peter Reilly said...

Here is the note itself. I haven't read much of it

Darren said...

At over 1900 pages, I wouldn't think you had.

Anonymous said...

If some crazy guy were to commit suicide at West Point, would that him a "West Point Man"?

How, exactly, was Mitchell Heisman a "Harvard Man"?

Darren said...

I misread a couple stories about him. I'll correct the title.

Anonymous said...

Thanks; I think the coverage would have been wider if it had been an actual Harvard student. But I could be wrong.