Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Complete and Total Idiot

Want to know what free speech means to a leftie? Read the rantings of this guy, a Brit--focus on his closing line. As one of the commenters said sarcastically, "we must destroy free speech in order to save it."

The idiot is right that freedom can only flourish in a climate of discipline, and our own Supreme Court has put some limits on freedom of speech. His gratuitous attacks on Fox News and Texas, though, are just the code words lefties need to hear to know exactly what he means--he means discipline for those views that he doesn't like. Lefties are all about authoritarianism, control, and censorship, all in the name of the common good. They, after all, know what's best for us.

Update: Ed Driscoll offers up his commentary on the same article.

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