Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Wake-Up Call From Your University

No, it's not a wake-up call like "you'd better get your act together or you'll be deep in debt and not have a degree to show for it." No, it's a genuine "time to get out of bed and go to class" wake-up call, and it's costing the university $11,000. I wish this were a joke.

Any college students who needs such a service--well, they don't strike me as having enough drive to ever amount to much.


High School Tchr said...

Not all.

Pomoprophet said...

but don't you see, all kids deserve to go to college and get a degree! :/

Ellen K said...

As an RA three years ago, my daughter would regularly get calls from parents for her to:
wake them up
make sure they go to class
make sure they take whatever legal medication their parents had gotten for them.
Her response was a version of, I am a manager, not a babysitter and your child is now an adult. You need to address that with them.

MikeAT said...


What is hell is wrong with expect people to act like adults....what planet are you on! :<)

Kinda like a twenty something near the bus station yesterday...I was arresting this guy outside the bus station and she was demanding "Officer, I need to get home!" I directed her to the cab stand and the local bus line....she seemed shocked I told her that...

Anonymous said...

If the students are not smart enough to set their cell phone's alarm clock, they are not smart enough to attend college. They should quit and make room for those more deserving.

By "more deserving", I mean those intelligent enough to get up on time. Kind of a low bar, don't you think?

Steve USMA '85 said...

My real sticking point with this is right in the article. All cell phones have alarms. It would take roughly the same amount of effort for the kid to call the service and set up the wake up day/times as it would to set the alarm on the same phone. Whoever was the one who came up with this and approved it must be technologically illiterate.

MikeAT said...


One of my pet peeves is youngsters, e.g. teenagers and 20 somethings (I can’t believe I'm talking like my parents) asking me "What time is it?" My normal answer is "It's time for you to get a f%^&ing watch!"