Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Serious About Evaluating Teachers

I still think Michelle Rhee, Chancellor of the DC Public Schools, is the right person for the job. Take this statement of hers from last night's PBS Newshour, for example:

But when we took control of this school district in 2007, 8 percent of the eighth-graders were operating on grade level in mathematics, 8 percent. And if you would have looked at the performance evaluations of the adults in the system at the same time, you would have seen that 95 percent of them were being rated as doing a good job.

How can you possibly have a system where the vast majority of adults are running around thinking, "I'm doing an excellent job," when what we're producing for kids is 8 percent success?

She's stepped on a lot of toes, but since it's "for the children", I don't see how even the union acolytes can argue with her :-)

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