Friday, September 10, 2010

Christie Puts On A Smackdown

Teacher asks a loaded question. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie starts to answer. Teacher does the roll-the-eyes, start-mocking routine. Christie blasts her. All in the first 2 minutes.

3:00 Clearly states he attacks the leaders of the teachers union, not teachers themselves.

After that, lots of specific facts about the budget. Points out that since the teachers union wouldn't compromise at all on a pay freeze or a 1.5% salary contribution for health care benefits, they, not he, bear the responsibility for teacher layoffs.

7:45-8:00 Hard to argue with the point he's making here. It's about the "tone" of the disagreement.

If you've got 9:13 to spare, watch this video. I like a politician who tells the truth without any walking on eggshells. I respect his directness while also demonstrating respect for someone with whom he clearly disagrees.


MikeAT said...

I made 9:13 and was glad for it...I really like the end when she stomps on that woman about tone. Thank God for New Jersey an adult is now in charge.

Christie/Palin 12! :<)

Ellen K said...

I like him. He lays it on the line.

maxutils said...

Have you seen the new Meg Whitman ad? It has Bill Clinton calling Jerry Brown dishonest. So ironic, on multiple levels.

Coach Brown said...

I've listened to a few interviews from Chris Christie. I like him. He's to the point, honest, and is not afraid to laugh at himself.

I think he's rational and polite in the clip. And he's right. It is time to get realistic.