Monday, August 02, 2010

NEA Wants To Hurt Poor People :-)

It's a legitimate headline, given what they're pushing today:

Today the Senate will vote on Harry Reid's $10 billion edujobs amendment, which will mostly be offset by... $6.7 billion in cuts to food stamps. Ezra Klein of the Washington Post tells us, "Budget rhetoric is full of easy choices, but budgets are about hard choices, and this is a hard, and ugly, choice."

I've checked the NEA web site, and there are a lot of calls to action, and boasting of the number of calls flooding the Senate switchboard, but no mention of the fact that the union is demanding good liberals lobby and vote to cut the food stamp budget. How does NEA get a free pass on this?
NEA always claims that what they do is "for the children". How many children are going to lose food stamp money if this bill passes?

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