Monday, July 19, 2010

A College Education and The Recent Graduate's Value in the Work Force

Via Joanne Jacobs I read a very interesting article about jobs, graduates, etc., and this section seems oh so important:

I learned an invaluable lesson, and it is a lesson that I hope you can internalize, even if it stings. Aside from some technical degrees, college does not train anyone for a job. Your college and the media will tell you that over a lifetime, individuals with a college degree earn more than individuals without a college degree. Unfortunately, none of those parties will ever tell you why that degree entitles you to that higher pay...

Higher education is designed to develop the mind, which in turn allows the graduate to bring that developed mind to the workforce. It does not, nor should it allow one to bypass the lower rungs of the corporate ladder. When I was your age, I would have sympathized with your situation (recent grad without a "good" job). Knowing what I know now, I need to ask why you think a political science major with minimal job experience qualifies you for a mid-level management position at a large corporation.

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