Thursday, January 28, 2010

Horndog High

Hey, I didn't give the school that moniker, but it seems to fit:

New shenanigans have come to light at James Madison High School, where two teachers were recently caught naked in a classroom and another was punished for getting too close to a student.

The latest scandal involves Madison High gym teacher Lisa Guttilla, 37, who was arrested Friday for feeling up a 14-year-old girl, police sources said.

The student attended private Poly Prep Country Day School, where Guttilla was a part-time volleyball coach.

"Felt up". Now that's some quality journalism there.

And giving hickeys, among other things, to 14-year-old girls? What was this woman thinking? Ew.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, at Curran Middle School in Bakersfield, California, Principal "excrement-for-brains" is about to receive a much deserved raking over the coals:

Ellen K said...

I don't see the willingness to socially separate from the student population in many of our younger teachers. They style themselves as "friends." As you know our high school has had not one, but two nationally "hot for teacher" incidents. The morale of the faculty while these things are being played out in the press is low. And when the kids know what is going on it makes for some very dicey conversations which have to be squelched in class. It seems that some young teachers have fully embraced the open relationship model in college and cannot seem to turn it off when they are on the job. School is not Happy Hour and your student are not potential dates.