Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Password Is: Dithering

I received the following on an email list of which I am a member, and received permission to post it here. To set the story, the discussion is about President Obama's lack of decision on what to do in Afghanistan, and one contributor stated that the President is taking time to make a methodical decision and not a kneejerk one as the previous President had done.

Here's the response:
This would be laugh out loud funny if it didn't come from an intelligent person. Where to begin...

When it was time to pass a huge stimulus package that couldn't wait for reading, it had to be NOW NOW NOW, and reading was not important.

When it was time to try to take over 1/6th of the economy with God only knows what consequences, it had to be NOW NOW NOW with no time for debate, not even for reading the bill, because there were people dying without health care. On a side note, of course, if they were dying, they would be dead before this thing took effect in 2013, but details smetails. It's gotta be NOW NOW NOW.

When it's brave soldiers dying because they are under staffed for the mission at hand, and the enemy smells weakness and is therefore emboldened by hesitation, it's time to wait, wait, wait, because if the right decision is made, the folks on the left just might get mad, and if we pull out now, the defeat gets assigned to the current WH occupant. Decisions, decisions.

The real funny thing here though is the comment that we don't have all of the data, so it's easy to criticize, etc etc... Yet, that is exactly what the current occupant did for his entire one or two days in the Senate when the decisions and responsibility were not his. As long as he could be a spectator and watch the adults trying to make the best decisions possible under difficult circumstances that he couldn't even have imagined, it was easy to second guess, critique, and hold forth on how he would be better, smarter, and focus on the *right* war. He had a plan, he would get Bin Laden, he would win the war, he would lower the temperature of the planet, lower the oceans, all before he had his first bowl of Wheaties. And here we are, into his 10th month, with his hand picked general asking for reinforcements to carry out *his* plan, and we get dithering and this pathetic excuse of *gee, this is hard, he's really trying, give him time*. No kidding! This is real work, not standing on the sidelines making campaign promises. That's what he gave us and now, we're getting the change we can believe in.

If it was someone else's country this would be funny. Since this is America we're talking about, it's just sad.

Yeah, what he said.

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