Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Interesting View From The NYT

There was a time when the NYT was considered the "paper of record". Then came the time when conservatives coalesced and started challenging the Times' political slant. Now, everyone except the most rabid leftie takes for granted that the Times is, and has been, an exceedingly leftist paper, as evidenced yet again by this little snippet from page A1:

Even in the midst of one of the greatest challenges to capitalism in 75 years, involving a breakdown of the financial system due to “irrational exuberance,” greed and the weakness of regulatory systems, European Socialist parties and their left-wing cousins have not found a compelling response, let alone taken advantage of the right’s failures.

I guess the Times hasn't figured out that socialists have been the ones running Europe for the past few decades (Merkel and Sarkozy are "conservative" only in relation to their opponents), and that the Europeans do not lack for "regulatory systems".

It's no wonder people can't take the Times seriously anymore.

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