Thursday, August 13, 2009

59 Years Is A Lot Of Teaching

He's 84 years old and is starting his 59th year of teaching.

59 years at one job is inspiring, but 59 years teaching math and science to middle school students is impressive.

That's the case for Sylvester Franklin, whose career started shortly after World War II came to an end. The only place he has ever taught is in Haskell, in Muskogee County.

It's not all roses, though:

He spent 16 years at Haskell's all-black school before desegregation.

It's good that those days are behind us.

Mr. Franklin might be setting a record here that no one can beat:

If nearly six decades on the job isn't impressive, Mr. Franklin has only missed two days of classes in that entire time.

Way to go, Mr. Franklin. Way to go.

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