Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another NEA/CTA Story

And this from the Independent Women's Forum:

Consider the NEA's largest affiliate, the California Teachers Association. It just raised union dues $26-on top of the $1,000 already taken out of teachers' paychecks. Surely the CTA will use those funds to offset education funding cuts and teacher layoffs. Or maybe the CTA could use those funds to improve teachers' working conditions, right? Wrong. The NEA and its affiliates like the CTA have started spending $ millions on political activities that have little if anything to do with education (see here and here). Thankfully, there are new and emerging options for teachers (see here and here) and parents, who together far outnumber the NEA's conscripts.
Gotta love independent women, eh?

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Ellen K said...

Union leadership, like congressional leadership, has always been far more concerned about sustaining their own power over improving conditions. How else could you explain UAW workers in Arlington TX still on strike, during a recession, over a rise in insurance rates that will be more than covered by a bonus? This is all about power, not about improving conditions. Maybe it used to be once upon a time, but union organizers are just like any other union organizer, they seek to move above the rank and file and make money off of them.