Thursday, June 25, 2009

Not Above The Law After All

Back in March I told you about the story I read in the CTA mouthpiece rag about student grades that had been changed by school administrators in violation of state ed code.

According to the June issue, the district "filed a motion to set aside the judgment", but a Superior Court judge ruled against them:

On May 7, a Superior Court judge denied this motion, and ruled that the original decision would stand unaltered. The district was ordered to return the grades to what they were as filed by the teachers before the results of the CSTs were final; to abandon the board policy that requires teachers to submit to the "grade factor" scheme; and to refrain from developing such a policy in the future.

We're still not told, as I pointed out in the March post, if the teachers had had the letters of reprimand removed from their files and/or had received apologies.

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