Sunday, May 24, 2009

Delaware Military Academy

The following is an excerpt from an email I received from an email list of which I am a member, and I have received permission from the author to post this here:

I work for the Department of Education in Delaware in the area of charter schools. Since the election of Barack Obama you have probably heard of his interest and emphasis on charter schools as a viable and productive choice for public school students. I have been intimately involved in the charter movement in Delaware over the past few years and have grown fond of this alternative for parents.

The people I have met that take the risk to initiate these schools have been no less than inspiring. It’s not been perfect but innovation involves a lot of trial and error. Currently in Delaware, there is a charter school that has been in operation for the past 9 years and it is modeled after the United States Naval Academy. It really is something to behold. It is a high school that runs like the academy. I visited several times and it always makes me proud to see these young people so committed at such an early age. This school is currently producing the most candidates for the academies than any other high school in the United States.

If you know anything about the state of education in the United States you know that it is at times dismal. The school, named the Delaware Military Academy, does not even employ custodians because the cadets take care of that school from top to bottom. The commandant would welcome any visitor to view this operation. It is quite impressive.

I have been asked to look into the possibility of opening a similar school modeled after the United States Military Academy. The Navy committed to supporting the Delaware Military Academy and establishing it as a school wide junior ROTC program. I am not well versed in the areas of junior ROTC, hence my e mail to you. I am hoping to gain some guidance/interest in our West Point community in developing Army charter schools where the state laws permit.

I support military ideals and I support the idea of charter schools; combine the two and you have something I value. To read my post about a related school in California, click here.

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