Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Layoffs and Rumors of Layoffs

Today the big one hit school--our district is going to give pink slips to every single teacher, well over a thousand of us. We got an email from our local union saying not to worry, they'll let us know any further information as soon as they get it from the district. It was so reassuring. Not.


Ellen K said...

We have heard it here too. The Big Money district to the east RIF'd some jobs for next year. At some point, with the increase in ELL students, I can see schools getting rid of many non-core programs in order to provide federally mandated programs for these kids. What a shame that it has to be kids against kids and everyone loses.

nebraska girl said...

Why do they give pink slips to all of the teachers? Is it a political ploy to try to get more money from the state/feds? You would think that showing a legitimate attempt to cut the fat would be far more productive.

Polski3 said...

Rumor going around my school district is that there will be a new seniority list posted at each school site just prior to Spring Break in April, and that if the state nixes funding ESPECIALLY for class size reduction in the lower elem. grades, a number of teachers will lose their jobs. Also, if it gets bad enough, extras such as performing arts will go away.

Have any of you California teachers heard ANYTHING about cutting sports at high schools due to the budget problems?

I know I personally can life without our local county office of education.

Darren said...

By law, California teachers who might be laid off must be notified by March 15. Since we don't have a state budget yet (over 3 months overdue), we don't know how much money is being cut from education. I assume our district is playing it safe by noticing all teachers, and once we get a budget they'll rescind many of those pink slips.

After all, the kids aren't going anywhere.

ChrisA said...

Hey Darren,

Our local school district near Boulder, CO is hiring and our Middle School needs a math teacher, as the accelerated 8th grade geometry teacher quit in the middle of the year.

Also, the school Principal is a Marine (guess you don't say x-Marine?). The High School could use you as well, but I'm not sure they are enlightened enough to know it.

I vote for the Middle School position as my my daughter in advanced 7th grade Algebra needs a great teacher next year!

Darren said...

Well *that* is exceedingly flattering--and Colorado is the only state I'd really consider moving to, as my son's mother has family there and she's already said she'd like to move there!

I'd prefer Colo Spgs, myself, but somehow I think I'd get used to Northern Colorado just fine :-)

MikeAT said...


Houston PD is hiring and I know a couple of guys in Recruiting!

I could be your Field Training Officer :)

mazenko said...


You living in Boulder?! That would be interesting, to say the least. :-)

Would you change the blog to "rightintheleftcity"?

If you come back to CO, you might want to check on which district passed their recent referenda on school funding. Douglas County and JeffCo are facing cuts. CCSD is in great shape.

When I interviewed in CO, I was also scheduled to interview in Davis, CA, but I had relatives whose family worked in CA schools, and they told me to stay away from California. I'm glad I took the advice.

Then again, DPS schools here have used the "all pink slip" approach to get rid of dead weight in the classroom. All teachers had to reapply, and they only hired back those they wanted. That's one effective way to deal with incompetent union tenured staff.

Good luck with everything.

Darren said...

Not knowing Colorado law, I'd blog anonymously for awhile--and I have an even better blog title for that one!

PeggyU said...

Our school district and one in a nearby community are looking for superintendants. Do you know how absolutely fine it would be to have someone with a scrap of common sense at the helm here? Please let me know if you want me to forward the information. Good pay, job security, and a chance to make a profound impact ... please?

Anonymous said...

How much do you make? Why are you taking my tax money when there are plenty of private schools that would love a math teacher at 20 to 30K/year. Good luck

Anonymous said...

I guess they don't have a union where you are in Colorado - because when they pink slip it's by bottom of seniority up - they are not trying to dump dead weight - Are they dead weight because they are older teachers? One day you will be there too - it's not about dumping teachers who aren't performing. It's about breaking a Union - I guess many of you are to young to realize what teaching was like before Unions - Do some research

Darren said...

There are plenty of states now without unions, and things seem to be going OK.

Before teachers unions, teachers complained about low pay, class size, working conditions. What do they complain about today? Low pay, class size, and working conditions. I don't see unions as some great good.