Monday, January 05, 2009

Is Anything That Happens In California The Fault of the Legislature?

Or is everything the fault of President Bush?

And was that about the worse article ever, devoid of even a shred of cause/effect, logic, or irony?

Talk about bitter partisanship. That reporter must be seriously puckered.


neko said...

"Besides the war in Iraq, the destruction of the American economy, and the whittling away of the United States Constitution, the greatest legacy of George Bush and his friends is that he wiped out the California energy market in 2001 and forced a Democratic governor out of office,"

1) Can anyone please tell me what Constitutional rights Liberals had under Clinton that they now do not have now under Bush? I REALLY want to know.

2) So Bush (actually, his energy cronies) placed a cap on amount the California power companies could charge, at the same time telling them they couldn't build anymore power plants to try to keep up with demand? Apparently, preventing yourself from charging more or making more of something is a great way to turn a profit.

3) Conservatives are rare in number. How did Bush get so many Liberals to force the governor out of office? Did he trick them? It is amazing that Bush is utterly stupid while, at the same time so cunning that he can trick all the "enlightened" Californians.

allen (in Michigan) said...

They have to get while the getting is good.

The Bush diatribe-tsunami is building towards a crest since on January 20th it'll all have to be done in the past tense which isn't likely to be nearly as satisfying I'd judge, as is the pretense of courage rendered in the present tense.

Ellen K said...

It will be interesting to see how long these same people give the Obama camp to magically reinvent the world. And I say interesting because they are so involved with kissing up that they have failed to see that much of Obama's proposed plan is pretty doggone close to what is currently in place. I predict a massive washout at the midterms unless something miraculous happens.