Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hope, Reality, and School

We used to have a saying in the Army: "hope is not a battle plan." Despite all the hopenchange rhetoric we've been subjected to lately, one local columnist seems to understand that.

As Obama spoke, it was striking how the new president's family looked like kids at Jackman (Middle School).

Among the students, there were kids who clearly were moved by Obama – a powerful reality to consider. No matter what, these kids have an African American president to help shape their formative years.

But the undeniable truth is that Jackman students need more than a role model for a president.

They need school supplies, a stronger curriculum, a solid shot at going to college.

"Everyone is justifiably excited in the symbolism of Obama's presidency," (Principal) Maffei said. "But we lose a little hope that our students can grow up to be like him if they have no paper, no pencils. … And most of all, a diminished chance of getting into college due to … enrollment cuts."

We need more than "just words". And I'm not just talking about throwing around money, either.

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