Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Leftie Said It, Not Me

But I've come to believe conservatives are right. They do love America more. Sure, we liberals claim that our love is deeper because we seek to improve the United States by pointing out its flaws. But calling your wife fat isn't love. True love is the blind belief that your child is the smartest, cutest, most charming person in the world, one you would gladly die for. I'm more in "like" with my country.

--Joel Stein

I loved my country even when Clinton was President and Dems ran both houses of Congress. I'm going to love my country when Obama is President and Dems run both houses of Congress. And I'm going to continue loving my country as long as it remains that bright city on a hill.


rightwingprof said...

Confirming what I said: Liberals don't love their country; they love an imaginary vision. Liberals love America-as-Canada or America-as-France, but hate America-as-America.

Why they don't move to Canada or France is anybody's guess.

Mrs. C said...

Wellll, I clicked on the link and discovered this guy likes to talk about sex a lot. (!)