Saturday, December 06, 2008

Inappropriate Classroom Instruction?

A middle school teacher chose two black girls, one a volunteer, and secured the girls' hands and feet to show conditions on slave ships. The non-volunteer girl and her mom are distraught, the (black) principal has apologized, and the teacher has apologized for causing distress but not for the demonstration itself. The NAACP is involved.

Is this really such a horrible lesson (watch the video linked above for more details)? Does this really merit the rending of clothes? I remember being placed in a pillory or some such device by my 11th grade US history teacher. My wrists and my neck--locked in place by wood, and I couldn't get out!!! Where's my lawyer?!

We're teaching people to be offended. It's ridiculous.

(posted at halftime of the Army-Navy game)


DADvocate said...

The teacher should have used only volunteers but, otherwise, I see no problem with the demonstration. A simple demonstration like this can teach a lesson that no movie, book, or lecture can.

Sometimes an individual student can't tolerant such things and they shouldn't be forced to cooperate. I'm surprised the NAACP is backing the girl's mother. The teacher taught a lesson the NAACP seems to want everyone to know. Of course the NAACP is primarily self-serving bigots themselves.

A apologize to the girl, yes. Anything else, no.

Anonymous said...

What a freakin' baby! She's going to traumatized for the rest of the YEAR? The mother is "mulling her options"? What, you're going to sue the teacher and take her home because she felt awkward for 2 minutes? Nation of whiners.

rightwingprof said...

I don't understand why the teacher felt she had to "act it out," but this is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

You were locked in a pillory? Did you volunteer for this, or were you forced? If my teacher had tried something like this, I confess I may have become violent quite quickly.

Darren said...

I volunteered, but, the horror!

I'm quite sure that the teacher was pleased I volunteered. He left me in there a few minutes. :-)