Saturday, December 13, 2008

Capital Area's Algebra Teachers

While some may say that 82% is a high figure, I'm disappointed that only that percentage of Sacramento County's junior high algebra teachers are officially qualified to teach Algebra 1--and plenty disturbed that only 2/3 of the state's junior high algebra teachers are.

Sacramento County's teaching force is more qualified than most of the state to meet a controversial requirement that all eighth-graders be tested in algebra.

Eighty-two percent of Sacramento County's middle school algebra teachers are fully credentialed with a math authorization, according to a study released Wednesday.

That compares with 66 percent statewide, meaning one-third of California middle school algebra teachers are under-prepared or are teaching outside their field.

The numbers, included in a report by the Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning, are for the 2007-08 school year.

And this is after 7 years of the No Child Left Behind Act, which requires certified teachers in every classroom.

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