Monday, September 29, 2008

What Is The Common Thread?

According to Yahoo and

The crisis on Wall Street has New Yorkers alarmed. But it’s nothing compared to the levels of anxiety those living in the Windy City feel each day.

Chicago's rising unemployment rate, expensive gas, high population density and relatively poor air quality create a perfect storm of stress, according to measures we used to calculate the country's anxiety hot spots.

New Yorkers can relate, though. Locals in the country's most densely packed metro have to fiercely compete for subway seats, cabs, apartments, elite preschools, dinner reservations and bartenders' attention. This constant grind compounds the area's other anxiety factors including costly housing (the country's third least affordable) and allergy-inducing pollution. Throw in Wall Street's woes, and you've got a Molotov cocktail of concern.

Detroit, Mich., Los Angeles, Calif., and San Francisco, Calif., ranked third, fourth and fifth, respectively.

If you had to think of a political party to associate with each of those 5 cities, which party would it be? If you assigned a red/blue political color to each of those 5 cities, what color would it be? If you were to guess which presidential candidate would get a large majority of the votes in each of those 5 cities, which candidate would it be?

I'm just saying.


Mr. W said...

yeah you would think that a light would go on for these people. Look at CA, we have been run by dems for years at look at the crap we are in now. I hate California and if I had the money I would leave here.

gbradley said...

I love California in spite of our pathetic Senators.
If you want to leave....
Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya. ;-)

Mr. W said...

listen take away the weather, there isn't much left. We are always in a budget crisis and are being over run by illegals...ahhh plus because of this housing crap we are in I owe more on my house than it's worth. So I can't sell it. sucks to be me.

gbradley said...

Don't worry the housing market will be back.
Don't know when, but I bet that the value of your house will double in the next ten years.

The only place on the planet that may come close to California is New Zealand.

I wish I had the answer to the Illegal Alien problem.
We need the help, but I wonder if this is a zero sum equation.

Ellen K said...

I read somewhere that most of the poorest urban populations were represented by Democrats. It's a shame they haven't delivered on any of their promises.