Monday, September 22, 2008

Oregon Education Association Members On Strike--Against the Union That Employs Them

EIA has the best commentary on the subject. Since that's the link to the "current" Communique weekly posting, it'll be outdated next week. At that time click here and search for the 9/22/08 posting. Here are the highlights:

The result is ironic and amusing. A union of labor negotiators deploys its usual repertoire against the teachers' union itself, while union management tries to hold the line against ballooning salaries and benefits, often complaining about union tactics. On those surprisingly frequent occasions when contract disputes turn into staff strikes, it leads to extraordinary events...

OEA management has posted only a short notification on its web site, stating the union "does not want a strike and stands ready to resume negotiations and work toward a settlement."

More importantly, the notice tells members, "If you are in need of OEA member services during the strike, please contact your local OEA UniServ Council office and your request will be forwarded to an appropriate person."

Now, who would that "appropriate person" be? Are they saying there is someone still working during the strike who is covering the responsibilities of a striking worker? How does the union feel when school districts try that?

Hoist by their own petard, as the saying goes.

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