Saturday, September 20, 2008

I've Been Saying This For Years About Jews and Democrats

Why is it, exactly, that so many Jews are Democrats? That’s right. Because Democrats are the champions of liberal, social causes. They’re against tyranny and all for liberty, freedom, and especially, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

But heaven help you if you go against what the Democrats want. Like, say, having Sarah Palin appear in the same venue as Hillary Clinton, even if it’s to protest Jew-hater Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Because then, forget about your freedoms of association, speech, and assembly.

Via Meryl Yourish.

I often wonder why Catholics vote in such droves for Democrats, too, what with abortion being so important to them.


Robert Talbert said...

With regards to your last sentence, I think that's because a lot of "Catholics" don't take their faith very seriously (or are even aware of what their faith teaches). They're just cultural Catholics. To be fair, I'm a Lutheran and there are a LOT of merely cultural Lutherans as well, to say nothing of evangelicals.

Related web item: The early Church fathers on abortion.

rightwingprof said...

Cafeteria Catholics, yes. But unlike Lutherans, Catholics are diverse in the literal sense. There are German Catholics, Irish Catholics, Eastern European Catholics, Hispanic Catholics, and so forth, so it's hard to track or predict the so-called Catholic vote.

However, Biden's insistence on repeating Pelosi's gaffe has resulted in the Church sending a clear, unambiguous message to the laity about issues. So far, 55 bishops have slapped Biden down. He may have lost a significant portion of the Catholic vote.

Ellen K said...

I've never understood the Jewish/Democrat connection myself. One person described it as "Jews are Democrats, Israelis are Republicans." Fact is, the more conservative sects don't even participate in voting. What I think happens is a great fear of a rigid political system similar to what happened in Europe in the 1930's haunts many American Jews. What they don't see is how a liberal fascist government is very uninterested in the plight of Jews, anywhere for any reason. Then there's the Palestinian issue, wherein the Democrat have staunchly supported their attacks on Israel even when they have been given land and concessions. The Catholic Democrats are a hard segment to fix. Largely blue collar, they represent middle America as union workers and the backbones of communities. Plus many of them vaguely remember the 1970's through the hazy afterglow of Woodstock and think that truly was nirvana. They are tired, they are overspending and they don't understand why the platform of free everything hasn't wrought personal wealth. Those are my views anyway.

gbradley said...

As an Irish Catholic, I have to say that the way that the left has taken over the Democratic party is what drove me to Re-register as a Republican.

Donalbain said...

In Israel, the politics are shifted more towards the left than in the US as well, with universal healthcare being a given. Indeed, modern zionism was in part a left wing movement, as can be seen from the collective farm movement.

allen (in Michigan) said...

How tough is this?

Look you guys, the soul of the lefty is devoted to finding proof of their superiority and displaying their superiority.

Us chosen people are just that, chosen, so our search for evidence of our superiority is more urgent. We already know we're better then you goyesha mooks, God says so, but that doesn't absolve us of the responsibility to demonstrate the fact. Repeatedly and at short intervals.

What are some of the easiest ways to demonstrate evidence of superiority? Striking the right poses and mouthing the right formulas. It's also important that the demonstrations of superiority not be dangerous or too inconvenient.

So you've got staunch anti-racist rhetoric although the big question is: who's it directed at? The Klan's a spent force and skinheads/neo-fascists are huddling together awaiting the coming race war so there's really not much danger from that quarter. You can almost see the wistfulness at the thought of being on the bridge into Selma, braving the dogs and the firehoses, but wistfulness is about as far as the overwhelming majority of lefties are willing to go.

As far as leftwing Jewish support for the Palestinians, there's the inevitable display of moral superiority.

The display's made more forceful since it's against the self-interest of self-defense; leftwing Jews are so noble, so morally erect that they disdain the justification of personal safety in pursuit of justice. It's just a coincidence that lots of those leftwing Jews are well out of harm's way and the relatively small number who aren't get a bit of extra credit although not that much. Wouldn't want to draw too much attention to the fact that the vast majority of Jewish supporters of Palestinian terrorism don't have to worry about it at all.