Friday, July 11, 2008

Some People Are More Equal Than Others

One thing about socialist and/or communist countries, the people in charge don't have to live under the rules and regulations that the little people do. Do you think government officials in Britain wait months for treatment from the NHS, or pull their own teeth because they can't get to a dentist? How many workplace rules that "mom and pop small business" has to abide by does our own Congress exempt itself from?

Here are two stories if you're interested in getting your blood pressure up.

Our first story comes from the People's Republic of Massachusetts:

MBTA general manager Dan Grabauskas is spending tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars urging suburban commuters to “Dump the Pump,” brave the heat and take the T, yet the transit boss continues to drive to work from Ipswich to Boston in the cool comfort of his T-owned SUV.

Our next story comes from New York and contains congressional clown Charlie Rangel (embedded link to the NYT, but I'm not going to register):

While aggressive evictions are making rent-stabilized apartments increasingly scarce in New York, Representative Charles B. Rangel is enjoying four of them, including three adjacent apartments in a sprawling penthouse overlooking Upper Manhattan, courtesy of one of New York’s premier real estate developers.

Mr. Rangel, the powerful Democrat who is chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, uses his fourth apartment, six floors below, as a campaign office, despite state and city regulations that require rent-stabilized apartments to be used as a primary residence.

Remember, these are rent-stabilized apartments, which means that rent increases are controlled by government so that poorer people can afford them. Why does a Congressman have a rent-stabilized apartment at all, much less four of them? Because he can. Screw the little people.

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