Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

I do, which is why I almost got up at 4am this past Monday and drove out to Jackson to audition. My aunt had heard about the audition and called to tell me about it--and I was almost convinced to go. Then I looked up the contestant rules and saw this:


New York City

The Contestants for each Tape Date will travel to New York City at their own expense, and provide their own accommodations and transportation for the duration of their appearance on the Program. The Game Sponsor is not responsible for any expenses incurred by Contestants in connection with their appearance on the Program and will not reimburse any Contestant for such expenses. The Game Sponsor will determine how long the Contestant is required to stay in New York City. Based on the scheduling of Tape Dates, any Holdover Contestants and Unplayed Contestants may be required to remain available to return to the studio on the next scheduled standard Program Tape Date. The travel and transportation arrangements for all returning Holdover Contestants and Unplayed Contestants is the sole responsibility of the Contestant.

They can drop dead.


Sandy said...

If it's any consolation, they never would have picked you anyhow... if they chose contestants who understood statistics, they'd be losing money hand over fist! My husband watches the show so he can yell at the contestants :-)

Darren said...

There was a Jeopardy tryout at the local mall a few years ago. I couldn't go--had a class or something that weekend--but a friend went. He "failed" the 10-question multiple-guess quiz they gave. When I asked him what the questions were, he told me, and I answered each one--not multiple guess, but with an answer. Just about each time he said, "That was one of the answers, but I chose a different one."

In addition to the good stuff, I have way too much useless information in my head. For example, remember the Journey song Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'? As a kid I counted the "nahs" at the end of the song, knowing that someday I'd hear that as a trivia question on the radio. And some time in the early 90s I did--but I didn't have a car phone (remember those?) and I was on the freeway. Someone else called in with the right answer, but they didn't know it as immediately as I did.

Now I still know the answer but don't expect I'll ever win anything by knowing it. *sigh*