Sunday, June 08, 2008

When You Reach Bottom, Don't Keep Digging

The best thing this woman could do right now is keep a low profile, because stunts like this aren't likely to garner her any sympathy:

The incarcerated son of former wrestler Hulk Hogan has received a letter from a Florida teacher accused of having sex with underage students, police say.

Sheriff's deputies in Hillsborough County, Fla., confirmed Stephanie Ragusa contacted Nick Bollea, Hogan's teenage son, to express sympathy for his arrest for reckless driving, the Tampa (Fla.) Tribune reported Saturday.

"It's not us, Nick, but something 'off' with society, that our situations garner more attention (and) print than the president, the election, or even an earthquake killing thousands," Ragusa wrote in the letter. "Nothing prepares you for nor prevents it; sensationalism."

The 17-year-old Bollea is serving an eight-month jail sentence for crashing a car into a tree last August. That accident left one of his friends with brain damage.

The Tribune said Ragusa has been accused of having sex with two of her students, ages 14 and 16.
Isn't Hogan's son 18? If so, he'd seem to be a bit old for her.


Ellen K said...

some parents have no problem with very young girls dating much older guys. I limited my daughter to two years in difference during high school. A 14 year old girl is still a girl, an 18 year old boy is a man. Frankly, some parents are stupid and starstruck and will let their darling date someone for the dubious pleasure of his company and the associated fame. It's sick, but it happens. By the way, what is "off" with society is this worshipful attitude toward the rich and famous. If my kids had done that, they would still be in jail. What is the deal? I thought justice was blind, but evidently she's on the take.

allen (in Michigan) said...

> Isn't Hogan's son 18? If so, he'd seem to be a bit old for her.

I don't see an excess of good judgment, or good taste, as one of the problems this woman suffers. Think "Britney Spears" without the excuse of celebrity and the advantages of wealth.