Friday, June 13, 2008

Teachers Defend Hoax About Students' Drunk Driving Deaths

These teachers and administrators are idiots.

If students had done something like this and called it a prank, they'd be suspended, or worse. We had Every 15 Minutes at our school a couple years ago, but there was no attempt to make everyone believe that students had actually died. The stagecraft involved in E15M is graphic and shocking enough, going above and beyond with a lie is so far beyond the bounds of moral and decent that I can't believe anyone would do so.


Mrs. C said...

I've seen this on other blogs and agree that it was very wrong. It also reinforces the notion that older adults bend the truth to manipulate students to doing their will, and that they're really not looking out for their best interests but what is convenient for them.

Ellen K said...

This was out of line, but in our area we do a program called "Shattered Dreams" in cooperation with local emergency and police departments. The kids come to school and the scenario is set up for an accident. The students involved film the events leading up to the accident, usually including someone abusing drugs or drinking. A Careflite helicopters comes in, the kids involved play their roles and a memorial service takes place where the kids who "died" discuss their dreams and goals. It's a powerful program. Perhaps the teacher was trying to mimic this type of situation, but to do that you really need to have everyone on the same page and not just go out to scare the bejeezus out of kids.
It's a good program. I have been involved as a parent and as a teacher.