Friday, June 27, 2008

Reporter Should Use Correct Math Terminology

According to this story:

Cathy Campbell did a double-take and tapped the brakes when she spotted what appeared to be a pointy-edged box lying in the road just ahead.

She got fooled.

It was a fake speed bump, a flat piece of blue, white and orange plastic that is designed to look like a 3-D pyramid from afar when applied to the pavement.

Assuming that what's shown in the picture is what's being discussed in the article, the speed bumps appear to be prisms, not pyramids.

Update: If that link goes away, try this one.


Eric W. said...

Also, one would assume a pyramid is 3D, no?

KauaiMark said...

Unintended consequences: I predict an increase of rear-enders from unexpected panic braking.

Betty said...

Anything that will slow people down works for me. I am glad that I saw these prisms on your post before seeing them on the road. My brakes are very sensitive, so I probably would have stood my car on its end.