Thursday, June 12, 2008

NPR on West Point

Here's an almost-6-minute-long audio clip from NPR, in which three recently-graduated lieutenants are interviewed.

Before you listen to it, imagine the type of education you think these cadets received. Imagine what type of courses they attended, what books they were required to read.

Now go take a listen, and see how close you were to reality. Lefties, I'm sure, will be more than a little surprised.

I'm quite sure most of our so-called liberal arts schools aren't providing the breadth of experience, thought, and philosophy that West Point is.


Fritz J. said...

Being somewhat familiar with graduates of West Point, I was not surprised at either the material mentioned or that the young men were well spoken. I was amused that Ayn Rand and Al Franken were mentioned in the same sentence and would have liked to hear a little of their opinions on what they learned from either. I could have talked all month and never used those two names together.

Darren said...

And Sylvia Plath???

Anonymous said...

Just another example of the journalistic excellence that is the hallmark of National Public Radio.

Darren said...

Or evidence of the old saying that there's an exception to every rule. Or that a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Law and Order Teacher said...

You must be so proud. These young people are so far past the rest of academia. That's what education should be about.