Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Good Thing I'm Not A Member

Massa Reg, who runs the NEA, had this to say today:

"Ideally, NEA would have endorsed a candidate during the primaries, but our members are like voters everywhere," said Weaver. "They are evenly split between Senator Obama and Senator Hillary Clinton."

That's right, folks--the NEA doesn't have anyone who would consider voting for a non-Democrat.

Good thing the NEA is non-partisan, right?


KauaiMark said...

Wow! What a an unbelieveable comment!

Chanman said...

He presumeth quite a bit, doesn't he?

Law and Order Teacher said...

If you read the NEA propaganda sheet, the die was cast early. They gave McCain a 100% bad rating. Obama and Clinton were acceptable. This was their spring issue. McCain and Republicans were dead in their eyes from then on.

Ellen K said...

I have always thought it was amusing that people have such blinding faith in polls. I have been known to give flippant answers to polls, and I think others do this as well. For any union advocacy group to assume that all their members vote just one way is wishful thinking at best. I have relatives that were in unions which supported some seriously liberal candidates. But my relatives didn't vote for them. Unless someone tells you, nobody should know what goes on in the voting booth/cubicle or whatever your state has designated as a private place to cast a ballot.