Friday, June 20, 2008

Does The Punishment Fit The Crime?

A student received 24 months of suspension, later reduced to 10 months, for giving his junior high Spanish teacher a noogie. Actually, it was for giving her two noogies in three days.

Is this punishment fair?



Eric W. said...

A saturday school per noogie and call it even.

Scott McCall said...

2 months of suspension? why don't they just call it expulsion for 2 years?

probably because they don't want to seem harsh, by calling it what it is.

Darren said...

A Saturday school per noogie, and have the teacher file charges for battery.

It would be a battery charge, get it?

Hahaha! Sometimes I slay myself.

Anonymous said...

That's inappropriate to do with a teacher.

Scott McCall said...

so....student gets immediate 24 months suspension for a noogie....but teachers still get to teach for a while (sometimes) when they sleep with a student until after they've been tried

Darren said...

I don't think so, Scott. I've never heard of an accused teacher who wasn't immediately put on leave pending an investigation, but I guess it *could* have happened somewhere.