Saturday, June 14, 2008

Avis and Hertz

When I was young, Hertz was the #1 car rental company. Everyone knew its name, and its advertisements were all over television. Future murderer OJ Simpson appeared in many of those commercials.

At the time, Avis was #2. Their motto was, "We're #2, so we try harder."

Well, the US used to be Hertz. Now we're Avis.

China has now clearly overtaken the United States as the world's leading emitter of climate-warming gases, a new study has found. The increasing emissions from China - up 8 percent in the past year - accounted for two-thirds of the growth in global greenhouse gas emissions in 2007, the study found.
Remember, this is a country specifically and explicitly exempt from the Kyoto Protocols.


Ellen K said...

Oh so as long as you are viewed as "third world" no matter what the gross of your economy, it's okay to spew pollution and have workers subjected to the offshoots. But if you are at the top tier (read United States only) you should scuttle your industries (those we have left) and make sure that all aspects of life are so expensive that people return to the lower level of lifestyles currently experienced by the lower classes in India and China. And if Obama wins, he will sign that piece of fluff. You may want to read my other blog.

allen (in Michigan) said...

Clinton *didn't* introduce the Kyoto Accords to the Senate for ratification because a straw vote had losing 92-2. The loss on the recent bill which would've been Son of Kyoto USA, is an indication that the crushing realities of the Kyoto Accords are still too disasterous to be casually ignored.