Sunday, June 15, 2008

At The Moment This Gets Posted... plane is scheduled to leave Sacramento and eventually deliver me to Washington for the Concerned Educators Against Forced Unionism conference.

Union zealots: if unionism is such a great thing, why do I need to be forced to contribute money as a condition of employment? I don't have any issues at all if you want to be in a union, but I have very serious issues with being forced to contribute my money to a union I don't support.


Ellen K said...

Good luck. Unfortunately, unionism is so entrenched that it may take more than just a meeting to resolve anything. I hate it that I have to join an organization just to protect myself with insurance. Truth be told, that is pretty much the only reason anyone joins in my state.

Margaret said...

I worked at a school in Oregon as a classified employee where I joined the Oregon School Employees Association. It was either join or pay fair share. I think it paid off a little, but I didn't make that much money and it seemed unfair to have to give them over $20 a month. I'm retired now, thank goodness.

MiddleSchoolSecretary said...

Good luck. I dislike unions too. As I said recently, they protect the incompetent. I don't need a union at all and resent being forced to fork over my money for something I disagree with on so many levels.

Our union recently voted to pass a resolution to get soldiers out of Iraq. What does that have to do with collective bargaining for classified employees? My money went to that time-wasting proposition?

If somebody wants to join, that is their right. It should be our right to say no.

We are in different unions but it's the same old thing.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you'll let us know how it goes. I have researched CTEN (after having been made aware of it through your blog)and would love to see our teachers abandon CTA and go it alone. We could lower our dues from $90 per month to $5 per month and get the same level of service (almost none!).