Monday, January 14, 2008

Worse Than A Speech Code

A behavior code.

There was some talk last Thursday about the possibility that "the college, ultimately, may opt for an 'aspirational' statement as opposed to a code," but the statement from a college spokeswoman Wednesday had been, "The pledge would not be optional .... If you don't agree, it is President Ryan's vision that you cannot attend the school."

Some of this just can't be taken seriously: "I promise to respect each and every member of the college community without regard to ... creed [or] political ideology ... sparing no effort to preserve the dignity of those I will come in contact with"? You have to respect people whose religious "creed" is that the Earth is flat, or that blacks or whites are morally inferior? You have to respect people without regard to political ideology, "sparing no effort to preserve the dignity of" Nazis or Stalinists?

Anyone want to guess whether or not such a policy would be selectively enforced or not, and if not, against what type of people *cough* *conservatives!* it would be rigorously pursued?

Students should not have to sign loyalty oaths in order to attend a community college. This won't last, and does not too much more than show the asininity of those who run that particular school.

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