Sunday, January 13, 2008

Racism and the Left

Classical Values has a great post with several links, and concludes with this:

You know, it appears more and more that the Democrat's cries of racism re:Republicans is a form of projection. David Duke is denounced in mainstream Republican circles for his racism. Those same mainstream Republicans pushed Pat Buchanan out of the Party for a whiff of anti-Semitism. Or look at the heat Ron Paul is getting from Republicans. Why do the Democrats give their race baiters and anti-Semites (often one in the same) a pass?

Could it be they can't win elections without them?


Update, 1/14/08: John at Discriminations says that Clinton is counting on Hispanic "reluctance" to support a black candidate.


Fritz J. said...

If one examines the problem carefully, it is pretty obvious that Simon is right. You could have added such things as removing Trent Lott from his committee chairmanship to your list, but you will have a hard time finding anytime the Democrats have removed or penalized one of their members or supporters for racial remarks. Yet they consistently pander to various groups with words instead of actions and the sad part is that many people believe their words and ignore their actions. As long as the voters are not willing to seek the truth and vote accordingly, we will continue to have the government we deserve. As Pogo Possum said, "We have met the enemy and he is us."

Joel said...

Without racism, the evolutionary theory would be very difficult to propagate.

Darren said...

While the facts stated in the link are no doubt true, I question the conclusion. The theory of evolution has a lot more going for it than just racist white folk.

allen said...

> Without racism, the evolutionary theory would be very difficult to propagate.

Yeah, I really hate those finches on the Galapagos Islands for their overt and unapologetic racism. Avian Nazis is what they are!

"-ists" will turn anything they can to their benefit. If the direction of the prevailing winds serves their purposes then a weather vane goes on their flag. They've already determined truth, they're just on the look out for anything that can be bent to serve their ends.

Science, by contrast, doesn't give a flying fig what you believe. There's no room for the human concept of belief in science - that's what gets science into trouble with the religious but I digress - it's just a matter of the quality of your evidence.

That's the really tough part about science - how small it makes us terribly important human beings. We used to think we were at the center of the universe now we know different but the urge to the urge to put ourselves at the center of *some* universe, any universe, persists. I may no longer be the favorite of the creator of the universe by virtue of inhabiting the planet that's at the center of the universe but I can at least dress better the *you*.