Friday, November 02, 2007

Bad Teachers Doing Bad Things

In this story we learn about a middle school teacher--incidentally, the mother of an elementary school student--who has fled to Mexico with her 13-year-old "lover". The child, who lived at a home for at-risk boys, was described by a judge as uncontrollable. The boy described the sex between him an and his teacher as "pretty good".

Zipping from Mexico to Florida, we learn in this story about a Larry Craig-style sting that nets, among others, a high school teacher. The political parties of the bustees were not given in the report.


Ellen K said...

Leaving the obvious unethical and predatory behavior aside, anyone who has had a teenage boy in their home as a guest or son knows that their personal hygiene isn't as priority an issue as it should be. If nothing else just the possibility of contracting some nasty fungal infection should put off this type of behavior. Who knows, perhaps that could be a way to stop this type of stupid behavior by people who are supposed to be adults.

Anonymous said...

yeah thats totally illegal and creepy