Friday, August 10, 2007

You're A Racist If You Don't Support Voluntary Segregation At Colleges/Universities

In an editorial for a school newspaper, I criticized how the school's four ethnic theme dorms (African-American, American Indian, Asian and Latino) stereotyped minorities by categorizing individuals by race rather than considering broader personal experiences and values. The response: How dare I condemn the established multicultural institutions on campus! Didn't I know that I had no business commenting on the issue since, as one student stated on a campus forum, I was just a "white, libertarian girl from the O.C." Considering how often students refer to their right of free speech when they criticize the school or presidential administration, their reactions to my article were stunning.

I received so many caustic e-mails and messages the weekend after my article was published that my residential adviser actually asked me to inform him if I received any tangible threats. Luckily, these messages were just irrationally irate, not violent. Students accused me of being a racist and an ignoramus because no one they knew had ever objected to the houses. One black girl asked me to be her "Facebook friend," suggesting I didn't have any minority friends or else I wouldn't have written the article. Most students did not respond to my arguments, opting to personally slander me.

It's good that the left can behave in such a mature, intellectual manner (cough cough). Are you surprised at that? I'm not.

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jah said...

I always thought that it might be better to have dorms based on major or similar majors. For example, a dorm for the Engineering and Science majors, another for Business types and so on. This way there is a built in support group and the ability to tutor and help each other out.

I would say that two Engineering majors would have more in common, regardless of skin color, ethnicity, etc., than an Education major and a Physics major who happen to both be the same race.

Think about it this way, other than skin color, how much do Colin Powell and Snoop dog have in common?

I don't know, just a thought.