Friday, August 10, 2007

Cowardly Academics

Rabbi Aryeh Spero is a radio talk show host, a pulpit rabbi, and president of Caucus For America.

So now we know a little bit about Rabbi Spero. Let's see what he has to say in FrontPage Magazine:

So-called intellectuals, as found in universities, have seldom been people of courage. They are only "brave" when it comes to speaking and writing against "devils" whom they know will never physically harm them. Richard Nixon and George Bush are not going to behead or send people to beat physically intellectuals and their familiy (sic) members even if they are the brunt of left-wing mouthings. In fact, intellectuals receive greater acclaim among their colleagues and students -- the only community they frequent and care about -- if they speak against America or western civilization. Their "speaking out" is really not an act of courage at all, rather an act of career-advancement, one causing adulation.

However, most school adminstrators (sic)-- be they at Pace or San Francisco State, Berkely (sic), or Columbia -- are indeed afraid of live, angry, chanting, in-your-face Moslem students, not to mention their legal representatives from CAIR and the ACLU ever ready to charge them with racism and the crime of "Islamophobia" if they do not bend to the will of Islamic demands on campus. Historically, intellectuals have always sided with the dictatorial bullies they fear -- they are afraid of those who will use their fists, since they are unwilling to use their own.

In contrast, when was the last time evangelicals brought a college to court on the charge of "Christophobia" ( indeed, the deans would consider that a badge of "enlightenment" ) and what administrator is afraid that the pro-Israel Jewish students are going to rough-up the staff and punch-out other students. Academics will never admit to the fear which forces them to be "sensitive" to every Islamic demand while deaf to the victimization from it toward peaceful everyday students. They have crafted new categories of justice and crimes on campus that mask their fear.

Nail. Hammer. Whack!

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