Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Charter School Closed

In this post I wrote about an Oakland charter school that faked documents--for example, a teacher's record didn't match a report card and neither matched the student's transcript, among other problems.

The school has been closed by its governing board. This is a good example for other schools that want to cheat and lie. It's unfortunate for those students who are innocent bystanders in this mess--truly it is--but how else do you reinforce the lesson that lying and cheating as that school did are crimes?


Anonymous said...

Typo alert. "The school has been closed by it's governing board"

That should be its, not it's.

And I'm not even a teacher!

Darren said...

Good catch. How embarrassing!

And yes, I *do* know what's correct. I just didn't proofread well enough.



The closing of this charter school is a good thing. This shows how accountability should work in government schools. Problem is, no matter what goes on, the government school never closes.
Charter schools - whether they do well or not - are a model for accountability...year to year. It's too bad that government schools that do these same kinds of things are still open...year to year.